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May 2017 Western Canada Activity Tracker

Please find attached the Western Canadian Market Summary for horizontal well in Alberta and British Columbia.   This not not include well's who's substance is crude bitumen. 


Jan 2017 Infographic Western Canada Well Summary

Well it's a new year and I've decided to change how I present my Infographic. 

Firstly I have only incluclded horizontal wells in the Top Operator and Top Formation charts.   I have focused on the top five zones that are accounting for almost 60% of all the horizontal wells, namekly the Viking, Montney, Cardium, Spirit River and Duverney.  I have decided not to include the heavy oil portion of the western  sedimentary basin. (McMurray. Mannville, Lloydminister, Clearwater, Sparky)

Hope you can make use of my new format.



October Western Canadian Well Summary 2016

Oct 2016 Infographic

Please find attached a summary of the activity in Western Canada for the month of October. 


Western Canadian Monthly Activity Summary Sept 2016

Check out our latest installment of the Western Canadian Well Activity Summary: Sept 2016

Knowledge about your market drives your decsions as to where to hunt.   Please find attached a brief summary of the well activity for the  Western Canadian market. 

Interesting Notes:

Big Uptick in Well Licences as Oil Sands operators begin licencing strategraphic wells ahead of the winter drilling program

Mannville (both Upper and Lower) jumps up to 3 spot in spuds in Sept.  Wtih Caltex and Cenovus accounting for 61% of the spuds in Sept. 

Montney formation was in top spot for activity and had the largest number of operators (18) active in the formation. s 

Sept Infographic


Infographic on Multi-Stage Stimulation Western Canada

INFORGRPAHIC: Mutli-Stage Stimulation in Western Canada:  

Author: Doug Bobrosky April 19, 2016

Infographic WELLDEPOT Multi Stage Stimulation

Here is a short Inforgraphic that I created  from some information that I collected on-line.   From this I estimate the total available market for Mutli-Stage stimulation tools of all type (Plug and Perf, Ball Drop and Coil Shifting) to be around $280 to $300 million (Canadian Dollars) for the past 12 months.    This is down significantly form 2 or 3 years ago when I believe it was approaching $750 million to $800 million dollars.   Innovation is still going on in this market segment and it will be interesting to see what the coming years provides. 

Click on the Link to See the Full InfoGraphic!


How do you sell your products and services in 2016 when the price of oil is below $40.00 a barrel?

Author: Doug Bobrosky March 17, 2016

 It’s no secret that 2015 was a horrible year for oil and gas service companies and operators alike. The falling oil price has led to an even bigger drop in well count which results in fewer products and services being purchased and ultimately used.    During the same time I believe a fundamental change has started with the sales model in North America for Oil and Gas products and services.

In the North American land market smaller service companies compete head to head with the bigger service companies.  They often do so by offering better solutions at better prices with personalized service to operators with whom they have had a long term relationship.   The less technical land markets also eliminates some of the technology based solutions that the larger service companies may have an advantage on.       

So how does the operator make a selection on a product or service?   I believe that for the most part the operator does not want to change major services.  If fact there is a strong resistance to change service providers unless there is a feeling that the products and services are overpriced, the products and services are not performing or the product support is not up to the standards required.   There is an old saying that says:  “No one gets fired for doing what has always been done”.   Meaning the operator has no real incentive to change service provider.  It often means more work, in the way of justification to upper management, if the drilling or completions engineer is recommending a change.    In fact it might be detrimental to select a new service company,  if the selected company fails to deliver,  the repercussions often lead to delays and increased well cost.   But more important in the light of sub $40/barrel oil, it may also put the selecting Engineer under scrutiny, something no one wants in this economy.  It is for this reason it is especially difficult to get an operator to change his service provider in low rig / well count times.  

So I ask the question again what is the operator looking for when selecting a service provider.  I believe that they are looking for companies that will provide solutions to their problems and who they believe will deliver the required products and services at the lowest possible cost.   It really comes down to the element of trust in both the service company and the sales person representing the service company.  With few unique solutions offered by service companies it is often difficult for the operator to differentiate between providers since most services have at least 10 other companies offering the same products and services.   Often it comes down to how well does the operator knows and trusts the salesperson.   The salesperson has been the face of the company delivering the trust message.   I firmly believe that the message of trust is going to switch from the personal relationship with the salesperson to what is the social media saying about the company including the social media content that the company presents.  I call this the new internet trust paradigm. 

Why is this going on?  Well if you are an operator and still have an active program then that he or she is likely getting between 50 to 150 phone calls / emails a day from sales persons, selling everything from water hauling to drill-outs on frac ports/composite drill plugs. There is no way he can respond to all never mind meet with everyone who wants to pitch him a product or service.   It is my belief that today if he is considering switching a service he first goes to the Internet to do his own research before ever talking to a sale person.   The problem is most service company's web sites and web presence are not designed to instill trust in the company for the operator.  

Here are my thoughts as to what an operator is looking for in a website.  In general they are looking to the internet to determine if your company is trustworthy and can you perform the service required.

·         Professional Web Design.  A well designed website will encourage users to stick around and explore your site and ultimately learn about your products.

·         Humanization with a detailed “About Us” page.   People do business with those they like, know and trust.   Provide details about your people and your company story and what your unique philosophy is.   Give them the chance to get to know the people and story behind the company.

·         An explanation as to what your company does.  Not just the product you have with all the technical specification but an explanation as to why it is important.  It is important not to skimp on the details or risk losing them to a competitor.

·         What is unique about your business?  Basically the user is looking to answer the question: Why should I buy from you?

·         Contact Information:  Make sure to include a phone number, direct email address and physical locations. It builds trust.

·         Third Party Validation.  We are talking about testimonials with details about how your products or services improved the lives of pervious customers.

·         Ease of use and web site navigation.  Make it easy for your clients to find what they are looking for.   Don’t send them away frustrated.

·         Ability to provide feedback.   Use feedback forms or e-mail links to encourage feedback about products and services.  It continues to build trust.

·         Frequently Updated Blog (with great content).  Do it frequently and do it well.  What you do not want to do is to use your blog to sell your product, use your blog to provide information about the industry, your product, your solutions, your feeling about the industry just don’t make it a sales pitch.  

·         Calls to Action.  Give the client signs or buttons to act.  Examples include: Sign up for a Free Trial, Buy Now, Sign up Now!

The Service Company’s website should be a site that builds trust and enables the operator to get a feel about what you do, how you do it and why you do it.   Failure to do so will result in your clients moving on to the next provider.  Capitalize on your investment in a Website by showing your customers they can trust you.   Your salesman is not the only vehicle for delivering the trust message and is likely to become less and less going forward.   Look to your on-line presence to help drive sales going forward.

Introducing WELLDEPOT: A New Way to Buy and Sell in the Oilfield!

 Welcome to the internet and potentially a new way to market and sell your oilfield products.

Author: Doug Bobrosky March 17, 2016

It is a well-known fact that retail consumers are buying more of their purchases on-line.  This change is starting to make in-roads in the business to business (B2B) segment as well. In the Oil Field most service companies website more often than not require the customer to click on a contact us button, enter their information and wait for the service company to call them back.  

At WELLDEPOT we believe the industry wants more immediate answers to their question, the primary question they are asking is how much does the product or service cost.   Typically they know what the product does and how it is designed to perform.  They might want to check out the standard product specification, for example max OD min ID, overall length, tensile yield etc but once they have that information the next question they want answered is what my peers say about the product.   

The industry is looking to use the internet to make their life easier.  Imagine if the client could go to one website, select a product group, say Composite Frac Plugs, select the three of them in the size they want and compare them side by side on one site.  At WELLDEPOT we believe this is the future of how the industry is going to compare product and ultimately source their products.     At WELLDEPOT we have built such a website for the industry.  

 It is time to log into WELLDEPOT, it is time to log into the NEW OILFIELD!